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Our workplace mandates equipment that meets the highest safety standards. We have established best in class EHS management systems conforming to ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 Standards at all our plants, to ensure our employees’ safety. Our Risk Assessment Programs include periodic audits of machinery, systems and processes to identify and assess possible risks on various parameters – both at an individual and organizational level. An integrated process safety management system includes best practices in industrial hygiene and exposure reduction.

Ensuring a healthy workforce is a top priority for our organisation. In this regard, a comprehensive annual health check-up is conducted for all employees and contract workmen, which plays a vital role in identifying potential health issues and also creates awareness to prevent risk of occupational ailments. Our people trust us with their lives, and it is our responsibility to keep them safe and protected. By providing them with a risk-free workplace, we ensure that our people deliver to their full potential to deliver life-changing treatments.

Environment of Climate Change

As a company committed to healthcare, it is our instinct to care for the planet as we care for our own. Our environment stewardship moves beyond statutory compliances and best practices to create responsible business practices that guarantee environment sustainability. By continuously reducing our carbon footprint, recycling, and reusing resources, switching to renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, minimising waste generation, and sustainable sourcing, we aim to create sustainable ecosystems.

Our environmental stewardship benchmarking through Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) ongoing.

We’ve invested in a zero liquid discharge system our manufacturing units to purify and recycle wastewater without wastage.

Environmental aspects
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions by using LPG for steam generation.
  • Waste stream recovery system.
  • Condensate recovery (Flash steam) system in place
  • Forced evaporator system to ensure better air quality in and around a facility.
  • solar powered lighting at parking areas
  • Air emissions and waste generated by the Company are well within the permissible limits prescribed by the environmental regulators.
  • 90% of total power requirement is sourced from renewable energy sources (Solar & Wind).

Biomedical Waste Authorization Annual Returns
Hazardous Waste Authorization Annual Returns

EHS Certifications

Steriscience Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, (EHS) Policy aimed at minimizing safety incidents and achieving zero incidents, zero harm to people and zero damage to the environment. We are committed to adopting the best global practices in connection to Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (EHS). Our comprehensive governance systems are bolstered by best-in-class infrastructure, specialized EHS management systems, competent teams and comprehensive programs. Steriscience has a well-defined Environment, Occupational Health, Safety (EHS) Policy in place to minimize environmental impacts and prevent injuries and ill health at the workplace. It covers all our internal and external stakeholders and extends to the Group, Joint Ventures, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders. This policy is communicated to all our stakeholders to ensure that they are in compliance with the policy. Adherence to the EHS policy is communicated to all stakeholders by the top management, as well as through appropriate communications within the Company.
EHS Policy
Our EHS systems and processes have received ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certifications from M/s AFNOR Certification
ISO 14001 certificate
ISO 45001 certificate